Owner Relations

In order for us to better serve our interest owners, we have answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding changes in current ownership of mineral interests. If you do require any additional information, please contact us.


Tax Forms

How do I access my tax forms?

To access current and past year’s tax forms please call us at 479.782.8808.  Choose Option 2 and then Option 1 for the accounting department and they will be able to assist you.


How do I update my address?

You should notify our office via this form as soon as possible when your mailing address changes. Please sign the form and include your owner number for verification purposes. You may send it back to us by email, fax, or mail. For your protection our office will not accept address changes by telephone.

Is direct deposit available? How do I sign up?

Yes, direct deposit is available. This letter will tell you about our direct deposit offering and help answer any questions you may have. To sign up for direct deposit complete this form and send back to us by email, fax, or mail.

What do I provide to have an interest transferred to me?

For a full or partial conveyance of a mineral, royalty, overriding royalty or working interest, furnish a copy of the conveyance document recorded in the county and state where the interest is located.

How do I deal with legal name changes?

When an individual’s name changes because of marriage, divorce, etc., please furnish our office with a copy of the document evidencing the name change.

How do I update ownership changes due to divorce?

Our office will need a copy of the Final Divorce Decree and copies of recorded conveyances.



When an owner is declared incompetent, please furnish Letters of Guardianship issued by the local court.


Our office will need copies of the court order appointing the Trustee, and if appropriate, the recorded Conveyances and the court order confirming any sales

Termination of Joint Tenancy:

Furnish a copy of the death certificate and the current address/social security number of the new owner.

Life Tenant (Life Estate)

When an owner of a life estate interest dies, our office will need a copy of the death certificate and the names, addresses and social security numbers (if available) of the persons who own the Remainder and who succeed to the interest. In some instances, we will need further information including a copy of the documents which originally create the life tenancy and named the successors.

Power of Attorney

We can accept an unrecorded Power of Attorney for changes of address; however, if you are selling a mineral interest as someone’s attorney-in-fact, you will need to record the Power of Attorney in the county and state where the mineral interest is located.

When an Owner Dies

Title to real property owned by the deceased party passes in one of two ways – either by testate succession or by intestate succession. Testate succession is with a probated Last Will and Testament. This Last Will and Testament must be probated in the state where the mineral interest is located to be recognized. Intestate succession is without a will. In the absence of a Will, or if the Will has not been probated in the state where the mineral interest is located, title to real property passes according to the Laws of Descent and Distribution for the State in which the wells/minerals are located, and not the state of residence.

Depending on the circumstance, the documentation we must be provided is:

Testate (Probated Will)

  • Copy of PROBATED Last Will and Testament
  • Final Decree of Distribution
  • Recorded deeds (if appropriate) to beneficiaries along with addresses and Social Security numbers (if available)

Intestate (Without a Will / or Will not probated)

  • Death Certificate
  • Heirship Affidavit – Call our office and we will provide the form and instructions for completion.

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