Lease with Hanna

If utilized commercially, oil and gas have the potential to add much to their owners. By leasing to Hanna, you place your minerals in the hands of proven oil and gas finders. When you consider the years of experience at Hanna, our proven track record in finding reserves and the fact that we shoulder all of the costs of developing and drilling geologic ideas, it is easy to see why leasing with Hanna has much upside. Our constant goal is to discover and produce oil and gas reserves in the best and most profitable manner possible, while being ever cognizant of the need to balance our efforts with the needs of the landowners we drill for and the need to protect our environment.

Many people lease to Hanna on a repeated basis because they have learned in their dealings with Hanna that we purpose to be fair and forthright. Being landowners ourselves, we understand land is valuable. We take pride in our efforts to work with our landowners in all aspects of drilling and producing wells to assure the landowner is treated in a fair and reasonable manner.

Peace Pipe GCIn the Arkoma Basin, our roots are deep. We have been active for 60+ years. Our employees live in various towns across Arkansas and Oklahoma. Above and beyond our business efforts, we are active in our communities and state. There are many good companies that work the Arkoma Basin, but not many are “hometown” companies. When leasing, consider leasing to Hanna first and foremost, because we live here with you and our efforts in business and all other aspects of life make this a better place to live.

For all other areas we work and lease, our purpose remains identical to the model we have established in the Arkoma Basin. Do your best, strive to be profitable without sacrificing your character and integrity or the environment you work in, be as fair and reasonable as possible with those whom you associate, give back to your community as much as possible and remain ever optimistic!

Please give us a call if you desire to lease your minerals.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Sell Your Minerals

For business or estate planning purposes, in the event you determine the best course of action is to sell your minerals, please give Hanna a call and we can further discuss the possibilities.