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Board of Directors

From left to right: Rick Jones, Mike Hanna, Don Crook, Ron Robbins, Dick Muse, Randy Strickland, Bill Hanna, David Cravens, Neal Pendergraft (Not pictured Kim Behrend or Jim Nunnelee), (Ranger pictured below Bill Hanna)

Bill Hanna


Bill Hanna is President and CEO and Chairman of the Board of Hanna Oil and Gas Company and Hanna Oil and Gas Company – Canada.  He began his tenure with Hanna Oil and Gas Company in 1983. He worked in various capacities before being transferred to Calgary, Canada.  In 1987 he established Hanna Oil and Gas Company – Canada.  He remained in Calgary until 1992 when he returned to Fort Smith.

Bill serves on many boards, for profit and non-profit entities, is a member of many industry related organizations and is active in the area communities.

He is an avid cyclist, enjoys photography, art and spending time with his family.

Ron Robbins


A Professional Engineer — a thirty year track record of value-adding design and operational management of natural gas wells in the Arkoma Basin.

An Explorationist – identifying and developing resources into reserves.

An environmental stewardship practitioner — enjoys riding Ozark streams and trails.

Rick Jones

Rick Jones is the Chief Financial Officer for Hanna Oil and Gas Company, KMW Properties, and other affiliated entities. He joined the company in May 2022 with his initial position being Controller. He is a graduate of Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX, with a BBA in Accounting. Rick is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and Accredited Petroleum Accountant (APA®). Rick is responsible for the administrative, financial, and risk management operations of the companies, and to preserve company assets while accurately reporting financial results. Rick has many years of experience in oil and gas and real estate, and has been an active member of the Council of Petroleum Accountants Societies (COPAS), including serving on the board of directors at the national and local levels. Rick helped form the local chapter of COPAS in Fort Smith back in 2015.

Rick enjoys spending time with his family and three granddaughters. He is active in his local church, and likes bowling, softball, exercising, and other sports.

Marilyn Alley

Marilyn Alley is Executive Assistant with Hanna Oil and Gas Company. She joined the company in March, 1988, with her initial position being Land Department Secretary. She was then promoted to Executive Secretary to Jim Hanna. When Jim Hanna stepped down, she transitioned to become Bill Hanna’s assistant. Her duties include assisting the executives, handling travel arrangements, social activities director, Human Resources Specialist as well as handling any special projects as needed. Through her tenure with the company, she has accumulated experience in nearly all aspects of the company.

Marilyn enjoys cooking, Bible studies, her lake house, boat rides and spending time with her family. She is an animal advocate, only having shared life with rescue or shelter dogs.


From left to right:  Ranger, Bill Hanna, Marilyn Alley, Rick Jones,
Ron Robbins

Accounting/Gas Marketing

From left to right: Don Crook, Courtney Krause, Tim Broadaway, David Terry, Bailee Crenshaw, Megan Raynor, Chris Neu,
Kelsey Marvin, Nancy Pollan, Rick Jones


Back Row: Ron Robbins, Bradley Jackson, Griffin Hanna, James Hendricks, Howard Vernon
Front Row: Danielle Hopkins, Myla Taulbee, Tammy Freeze, Karen Endl

Field Operations

 Wayne Catlett, James Hendricks, Ron Robbins, Todd Davis,
Buz Hodges, Ski Preston, Chris LaRue, Kyle Masingale,
Damon Gregory, Anthony Dewitt, William White, Ed Sockey

KMW Real-estate

From left to right: Sam Hanna, Tim Broadaway, Cody Russell, Jason Robinson, Kelsey Marvin, Lachelle Rolandelli, Rachel Testa, Marilyn Alley, Griffin Hanna, Rham Cunningham, Derek Loyd, Tom Hanna

Hanna Christmas Picture

Location of picture: The Solar Field Fort Smith, AR